Cake  Smash Cakes

"The cake was beautiful! Not to mention delicious, our daughter didn't smash it too much so we got to take it home!"



Are you a photographer in East Lancashire who shoots Cakes Smash's or thinking about offering them? I love making cakes to smash! People are always horrified when I tell them this, but I enjoy it so much to know that a child is going to have whole lot of fun smashing one of my cakes up. It also makes my day when I hear that the parents have enjoyed eating what is left of the cake!

Being a photographer myself I understand just how important it is for the buttercream to be the perfect consistency and that they need to be delicious to ensure the baby keeps going back for more!

Cake Smash Cake - £20

6" vanilla bean five layer cake covered in delicious vanilla bean buttercream, in your choice of colours or theme.

© Fig + Honey Bakes. All Cakes photographed are made by Fig + Honey Bakes

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